Yobs batter Botanic swans in horrific stone attack

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Sefton Police have confirmed they have attended an incident this evening where it was found youths were attacking swans with stones in Botanic Gardens.

Sefton Police said: “Whilst on patrol in Southport this evening (Sat 25th), one of the jobs Local Policing Team Officers were asked to attend was an incident where a group of youths were reported to have been throwing items at swans in Botanic Gardens and distressing the birds.

“We were informed of the incident at 7:40PM and went straight to the park, but the youths described as responsible were not found. We had alerted the local Swan Rescue team while on route. Fortunately, we did not find any swans injured, but we did speak with the staff from Swan Rescue when they arrived.

“Some names have been given for the youths responsible. Their parents can expect a visit.

“While we were in the park we were also told of a group of youths who had climbed onto the roof of Churchtown Primary School. We found these boys trying to climb out of the grounds, but they made off on seeing officers. Sefton Council were informed and we will be obtaining keys to ensure we can patrol the school grounds again, in future.

“The young people involved in these incidents were all aged between approx 12 -16 years of age and are all likely to be local to the area. So parents, if your children of this age were out tonight, ask them where they were?

“All our parks and gardens will be patrolled across the rest of the weekend and beyond.”