Southport’s Wedding Photographer had the surprise of a lifetime when his recent shoot was interrupted by an XFactor star.

Matthew Rycraft was shooting the wedding pictures of a Megan & Phil in Liverpool yesterday daytime, when his work was interrupted by Tin Head actor Phillip Olivier and his entourage as he filmed X Factor star, Anthony Russell.

Olivier was so engrossed in his filming he didn’t even notice Matts cameras on the floor nearly stepped on one of Rycraft’s expensive cameras.

Matt told OTS: “Tin Head” Actor Phillip Olivier was filming a current Xfactor singer performing near St George’s Hall while I was shooting Megan and Phil who got married today.

“He’d noticed the shoot and started walking towards us, still filming, we thought nothing of it and carried on shooting. At this point we didn’t know who he was.

“As he came closer he very nearly stepped on one of my cameras, so I very politely just stopped him.

“To be fair he apologised but what happened next was amazing.

“He actually filmed Russell through and walked round us so our wedding shoot will no doubt be featured on TV soon.

“I’ve got in contact with him on Twitter, and without mentioning it he apologized for the camera incident, which I thought was good form.

“I’ll be sending him some pictures, hopefully Megan & Phil will get some TV coverage, which will make their wedding even more special.”