Last years WW1 Centenary brought about the making of this WW1 Memorial Quilt. Made by a group of ladies who had family members or knew of someone that was killed during The Great War. These men & boys are just a few of the many thousands that were lost. The intention is that we want to honour these soldiers and for them to be remembered a hundred years on and continue for them to be remembered indefinitely. There are seventy one embroidered squares on the Quilt and thirty one of them are named, each square measures approximately six inches by six. As the WW1 Memorial Quilt has now been framed its new measurements are 62″ x 40″ or 1575mm x 1035mm.
It took us several months to make and as none of us has ever made a Quilt before it is a great achievement for us all. The Quilt has been on public display over the last twelve months at numerous places. At one of these places Gary Johnson of Moisters Funeral Services admired the Quilt and said that it really needed to be preserved and framed, and he said that he would ask head office if they would be interested in funding the cost to frame. The WW1 Memorial Quilt. Funding was agreed and they commissioned Darren Twist of Cobra Frames, London Street. As you can see from the photographs Darren has done a fantastic job.

The photo shows Gary Johnson of Moisters Funeral Services handing over the cheque to Darren Twist of Cobra Frames……..2 5

from left to right….. Joe Trees (Moisters Funeral Services) ….Julie Gladwin (custodian of the Quilt)…. Darren Twist of Cobra Frames London Street…Gary Johnson (Moisters Funeral Services) 4 3

Julie is now looking for a suitable permanent public place for The WW1 Memorial Quilt to be proudly displayed. This is our Memorial to the many soldiers who were lost and never came home. Anyone interested in displaying the Quilt or any suggestions please call Julie on 01704 213133

photos by steve c