How to Write the Purpose of Human Life Essay?

18th March 2022

As you can tell from the title, the purpose of the human life essay entails a narrative nature. The theme in this essay screams about the art of storytelling and narration. 

However, although it seems easy at first glance, let’s not forget that this is an essay, not a short story. In other words, you can use the narrative techniques, but within the essay intervals. 

So, forget about romanticizing the purpose of life or rambling aimlessly because there’s a specific structure and parameters to know before you start writing the essay. You can always get a custom writing online service to help show you how essay writing should go. 

But, before we break down the essay, let’s quickly see what the purpose of a life essay is in general.

What is the Purpose of the Human Life Essay?

The purpose of life essay is an essay format to present students’ skills and ambitions. Usually, when applying for a scholarship, internship, or university, students are required to explain their view on the purpose of life to present themselves in a nutshell. Also, such essays may be given to students on an intermediate level to test their storytelling skills. 

What students need to do in this essay is choose a side to present their purpose. If you don’t know where to begin, always ask yourself what the purpose of this essay is? Why are they asking me to express my point of view in this manner? The answer to these questions isn’t fantasizing but a straightforward one – to see if you’re qualified for the job or if you can tell a story appropriately.

Therefore, if you apply for a job, internship, or university – express your point of life professionally. Define your point by underpinning the essay with your dreams and aspirations. 

Or, if the purpose of life is your homework assignment, then choose anecdotes, dialogues, quotes to show your storytelling skills.

Although the structure of this type of essay is liberal, still, there are some technical notions to keep in mind when writing your essay. So, let’s break the essay and discuss the main points along.

How to Write the Purpose of Human Life Introduction?

Before you start writing the introduction, choose a standpoint to present the purpose of life. Are you going to speak in 1st person or 3rd person? Who will be the narrator of this essay?

Once you complete the pre-writing steps, choose a hook or opening line to the essay to attract the reader’s attention. You have the freedom to start however you like. Be it with a dialogue, a setting, or a famous quote to reinforce the essay from the beginning, it’s up to you. 

Although you have the greatest narrative freedom in this essay, make sure that you cannot break the conventions that differentiate an essay from a short story if you’re applying for a scholarship or job. Instead, be more concise, chronological, and focused on the job as part of life’s purpose. Additionally, include your skills and performances and point out what made you choose the job you do.

How to Write the Purpose of the Human Life Body?

In the body of the purpose of life, you should elaborate on your view. 

First, introduce your point briefly by explaining how you came up with the realization. Also, you can incorporate a moment or situation that made you take the stands you have. It can also be an anecdote or a family tradition; whatever it is, follow the wise words of the great Hemingway who said – write the truest sentence you know. The more honest you are, the more reliable you appear. 

Then in the second paragraph of the body, discuss what actions you took to chase your purpose in life. Did you go to college? Did you drop out of college to pursue your dream? Explain in detail here.

In the third paragraph, it’s important to incorporate political affairs that connect the purpose of life, and the impact. For example, if you’re a doctor in a pandemic found in a country whose health industry lacks trained medical staff. 

Make sure that the point of the last paragraph gets closer to the conclusion so you’d have a smooth transition.

How to Write the Purpose of Human Life Conclusion?

The ending of a narrative essay, like the purpose of life one, should be impactful and creative. 

You don’t necessarily have to restate your essay and waste words to write a strong conclusion. Instead, use 1 to 2 sentences, to sum up your view and mark the beginning of the conclusion. 

Then go for a call-to-action ending. A call-to-action means writing a sentence that will trigger readers to take action on a given subject matter. This ending is most recommendable because it shows confidence. Also, the ending fits any other free topic –  especially if your purpose in life changes the world for the better, not just your life.