Wrap Yourself in Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Top 4 Bath Towel Companies in the UK

1st April 2024

Bath towels provide comfort after a shower or bath. An absorbent and high-quality towel is more durable. Each towel has its own specifications. The right towel can enhance your bathing experience. From the cheap towel texture to the absorbency, each aspect enhances the quality of a towel. This article explores the top four cheap bath towels companies in the UK. We’ve tested multiple cheap hand towels UK and provided readers with valuable insights. With detailed specifications, you can make informed decisions.

The Towel Shop


The Towel Shop offers 100% cheap cotton towels having a high GSM of 700 that offers more absorbency. Their large dimensions of 70 x 130 cm offer luxury and comfort. These towels in different colors to enhance your bathroom decor. The high-quality material offers long durability. These towels offer a plush texture even after multiple washes. The discount bath towel sets can meet every bathroom design and enhance its appeal.

Specification Details
Material 100% Cotton
Price £7.14
Weight 700 GSM
Dimensions 70 x 130 cm
Colors Available Latte, Silver, Buttercream, Lemon, Charcoal, White, Cream, Blue Lagoon
Certifications OEKO-TEX, Standard 100, CFA ISO 9001, UKAS Management System.
Construction Dense and plush
Durability Long-lasting
Care Machine washable
Use Suitable for home or commercial use


The premium bath towels sale by The Towel Shop offer:

  1. Premium 100% cotton construction.
  2. Luxurious 700 GSM weight for superior thickness and absorbency.
  3. Generous dimensions of 70 x 130 cm for ample coverage.
  4. Available in a variety of vibrant and neutral colors.
  5. Durable and long-lasting.

British Wholesales UK’s 600 GSM Opulence Zero Twist Soft Extra Plush Towels


British Wholesales UK offers luxury and comfort with their 600 GSM Opulence Zero Twist Soft Extra Plush Towels. Their wholesale bath towels are created from 100% cotton and designed to provide a sumptuously soft feel. These cheap hand towels redefine the bath experience. The zero twist technology ensures a naturally soft texture. The quality shows the company’s commitment to excellence.

Specification Details
Material 100% Cotton
Price £5.40
Weight 600 GSM
Size Standard bath towel size
Colors Charcoal, White, Silver
Construction Zero Twist Technology for a naturally soft feel
Absorbency Super absorbent for efficient moisture absorption
Border Elegant border for added aesthetic appeal
Certifications OEKO-TEX, Standard 100, CFA ISO 9001, UKAS Management System.
Wholesale buying Available in various pack sizes: single towel, pack of 4, box of 24, box of 120, box of 240, box of 480
Care Instructions Machine washable


The cheap cotton towels by British Wholesales UK offer:

  1. Unparalleled softness with zero twist technology. The cheap hand towels UK offer a naturally plush feel without compromising on durability.
  2. 100% Cotton Construction to ensure superior comfort and absorbency.
  3. 600 GSM towels have exceptional absorbency. These cheap bath towels UK dry your skin and offer a luxurious bathing experience.
  4. Enhances your bathroom’s appeal.
  5. The company has received positive feedback from customers for their superior quality.

Absolute Home Textiles’ 700 GSM Royal Egyptian Bath Towels


Absolute Home Textiles offers luxury and comfort with their 700 GSM Royal Egyptian Bath Towels. Their perfectly crafted wholesale bath towels have a weight of 700 GSM. These towels redefine opulence in the bath linens. Available in an array of elegant colors, these towels cater to every bathroom decor. The versatility of pack options ensures convenience and affordability. Additionally, the discount bath towels are machine washable and dry quickly. Absolute Home Textiles offers a seamless shopping experience, with various delivery options to suit individual needs.

Specification Details
Material 100% Egyptian Cotton
Price £7.56
Weight 700 GSM
Size Standard bath towel size
Color Options Cream, Silver, White, Latte, Lemon, Charcoal, Buttercream, Blue Lagoon
Certifications CFA ISO 9001, UKAS Management System, TSA Gold
Packaging Options Single Piece, Pack of 4, Box of 24, Box of 120, Box of 240, Box of 480
Design Elegant border
Application Suitable for personal use, hotels, spas, nursing homes, care homes, and other institutions


Their high-quality towels have these features:

  1. Made up of the finest Egyptian cotton to offer durability.
  2. A high GSM of 700 offers superior thickness. These towels offer customization to suit any bathroom setting.
  3. Boasts a plush and cozy texture, offering unrivalled comfort after every shower or bath.
  4. The elegant borders add a touch of sophistication.
  5. Absolute Home Textiles prides itself on exceptional customer service in bath towels sale cheap.
  6. Offers various delivery options such as standard and next working day delivery.

Dusk Cairo Supersoft Bath Sheet & Hand Towel Bundle


Elevate your bath time experience with the Cairo Supersoft Bath Sheet & Hand Towel Bundle by Dusk. This luxurious set offers maximum comfort and style. A bundle has two hand towels and two bath sheets. These cheap hand towels are a perfect addition to any bathroom setting. The natural shade of the towels meets with any interior decor. The plush and cozy texture ensures a sumptuous feel. The soft plushness wraps you in luxury after every shower. From standard delivery to next-day options, customers can expect prompt and reliable service.

Specification Details
Material Egyptian cotton
Price £65
Bundle Content 2 Hand Towels and 2 Bath Sheets
Color Natural
Design Simple border detail
Dimensions Hand Towels: 50cm x 90cm, Bath Sheets: 100cm x 150cm
Washing Instructions Machine Wash 30 degrees

Here’s a list of features for the Dusk Cairo Supersoft Bath Sheet & Hand Towel Bundle:

  1. Made from luxurious Egyptian cotton for exceptional softness and durability.
  2. Includes two hand towels and two bath sheets, providing comprehensive coverage for bath time.
  3. Wrapped together with a bow for a stylish and elegant presentation.
  4. Available in a natural shade that seamlessly blends with any bathroom decor.
  5. Features a subtle pressed border design at each end for added sophistication.
  6. Multiple dimensions provide ample size for effective drying.


Bath towels are essential elements for comfort and relaxation. Choosing the right discount bath towel can enhance your comfort. This article explored the significance of selecting the perfect towel. We’ve mentioned the top companies focusing on material quality and durability. From luxurious Egyptian cotton to innovative designs, each cheap bath towel company offers unique qualities to enhance your bathing experience. Among all, The Towel Shop is the top choice for its quality. If you prioritize luxury or affordability, British Wholesales UK stands out as the ultimate choice for premium bath towels.