These two photographs show the work that is being started towards the regeneration of Botanic Gardens and is being undertaken by the Botanic Gardens Community Association.

The photograph above shows four benches which have been restored and the plaques bolted on so that they cannot be removed;  the second picture (at the top) shows  Chairman David Cobham (left) and an uncared for bench and (right) John Lee with a restored bench;  there are approximately 90 benches within the Gardens and it is planned to restore each and every one of them.   Where benches are too badly damaged these are being taken apart and hopefully some new ones will be built from the pieces.

The Association is also very hopeful that the level of the water in the lake will soon be lowered to an acceptable level and is working with Sefton Council and Hesketh Estates to make this happen.

Already the Association has re-planted the roundabout flower bed near the main entrance to the Gardens and are working hard on getting local companies to sponsor other flower beds.

The Daffodil Day (Sunday, 28th October) will also help to bring some colour back to the Gardens (in the Spring).

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