Woodlands – Money for old rope – Nope…foreign money

18th February 2021

As disappointing as it is that holidays are something of a taboo at the moment – why not use that left over holiday money to boost a local charity.  Woodlands Animal Sanctuary have just been awarded over £200 in exchange for foreign money!  They are therefore asking if you have any foreign money that you would be happy to donate to them, they will get GBP’s back – which they can use to help care for all the animals they have with them at the moment.

With over 100 animals on site to care for and look after daily, the Lancashire based animal charity are extremely grateful for all the financial help they can get.  As you will probably be aware, animals tend to be very talented at costing money – and when you add rescue animals into that equation you can simply add a few more 00’s to their cost!  However, that is what Woodlands Animal Sanctuary is all about – and they are extremely passionate about ensuring the animals in their care receive the absolute best they possibly can.  This unfortunately does come with quite a financial burden, but again, this is just part of the deal for the team at Woodlands and they all work tirelessly to ensure it happens.

So if you do have any foreign money, hidden in a drawer, or even taking centre stage on your mantel piece reminding you that we will one day be able to holiday again – why not donate it to Woodlands and let them put it to extremely good use now?  It will certainly ensure their animals continue to have that holiday vibe.

Visit their website https://www.woodlandsanimalsanctuary.org.uk/ to find out more about them and the work they do.  Or follow them on one of their social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok.