Woodlands – Full shelter crisis

7th July 2023

You’ll have heard of the term buy one, get one free?  The team at Woodlands would like you to remember that, when you are thinking about rehoming a cat from them.  For every cat or kitten that is rehomed, you are creating a space for another deserving cat, to feel safe & cared for, not to mention then being given the chance of their very own loving forever home.

Woodlands currently have 25 kittens in their care!  25!  The team have even had to watch kittens grow into adolescent cats, due to the drop in applications they have had for rehoming cats.  This is in addition to the 18 young and adult cats who are also desperate for their chance of a happy ever after.

But it’s not only these cats who need help!  In just one evening, the animal charity was contacted about 5 separate cats who were heavily pregnant in unsuitable environments.  Due to having a full shelter, Woodlands was unable to offer any sanctuary to any of these cats, or any of the others they have been contacted about.

Please remember; for every cat who is rehomed, another cat is taken out of a difficult situation and given a lifeline, a second chance and care.  To do this, they need cats to be rehomed.  It is the holiday season, but the team are begging, that if you are thinking about rehoming a cat – please do contact them & express your interest, it at least gives them hope for when you get back from your holiday.

The other thing the dedicated team are urging you to do is to think about your friends, family and even colleagues.  Please could you have a think of anyone you know, who may be able to provide a suitable home for a cat.  Ranging in age from 10 months to 8 years old, these cats are just as deserving of a safe and loving home as the kittens are.  Alex, their rehoming officer said “it is breaking our hearts, that we are not able to move these cats onto forever loving homes.  Not only are they missing out, but all the other cats who are having to wait because we have no space are suffering for longer too.”

Woodlands do have some criteria in place which prospective rehomers will need to meet before being considered.  These have developed over years of experiences and are there to safeguard both cats and families alike in the rehoming process.   To find out more please visit the charity’s website: https://www.woodlandsanimalsanctuary.org.uk/rehoming/