Woodlands – Everyone deserves their chance of a happy ever after don’t they?

5th October 2017

Woodlands – Everyone deserves their chance of a happy ever after don’t they?

As Halloween approaches the curse of the black, and black and white cats is happening again! Woodlands Animal Sanctuary currently have 3 black and black and white cats who are struggling to find their own loving forever home. While kittens are extremely cute and cuddly, they are only kittens for so long – and it is very heart wrenching for the team at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary to see all the older cats they take in struggle for sometimes months at a time to get their chance at their own happily ever after.

Binx is a 5-year-old neutered black female cat who has been at the shelter for 4 months now and because she is quite an independent person is being over looked by prospective parents. Binx isn’t what you would call a cuddly lap cat but she does love to relax in her cosy bed and as such the charity feel she may well flourish as a house cat. Binx does have sensitivities however, as she is on a special diet of gastro-intestinal food which the Woodlands team have found the most palatable and suitable for her. It would mean that any prospective parents would also need to continue with this diet to ensure Binx maintains her digestive health.


Boris is a black and white 11 yr old neutered male who has actually been living at the charity for years, but hasn’t taken to life as a sanctuary resident. The team feel that he would be so much happier in his own home, they would love for Boris, who is a sweet, friendly chap in his own quiet unassuming way, to be given the chance to be loved in the comfort of a loving family he can call his own. The team are aware that his age can put people off, but really feel that he still has a lot to give and so should not be dismissed as past his best.

Jerry is another white and black, neutered male. Jerry is only 3 yrs old and can be very playful. He came to the sanctuary back in April as an extremely overweight, friendly boy when he was abandoned by his owner. Whilst the team are doing everything they can to encourage active play and to control his food intake, Jerry is still very overweight and needs a home with space to play and interact with people to help him to lose this weight. Louise, one of our newest animal carers has a real soft spot for Jerry: “I feel that Jerry just really wants to be loved – he has so much to offer a family of his own that it seems a shame he hasn’t found his loving forever home yet”


Oliver is perhaps the most heart breaking story – he is a 2 year old neutered, stunning tabby and white male, who unfortunately has a life limiting heart murmur. As such Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are looking for a super special home with a family to foster Oliver for the rest of his life so he may see his days out in the comfort of his own loving home, where he can enjoy all the home comforts we all take for granted. Due to his heart condition the charity will continue to pay any costs relating to this, so that the fosterer will only pay for routine food and vets bills. Oliver would be best suited to a quiet indoor life, with a family who are able to continue to give him his medication reliably 3 times a day. Holly, one of the charities longest standing animal carers says “It’s sad to see such a lovely cat, with such a zest for life, with a life limiting condition, stuck in a pen when he has so much to give. He wants nothing more than to sit on your knee all day for a cuddle which unfortunately, we simply don’t have that amount of time to do. It would mean the world to us to see him settled in to a home of his own for whatever time he has left of his special life.”

If you think you may be just the person these special cats are looking for please contact Woodlands Animal Sanctuary either by telephone: 01704 823293 or email: info@animalsanctuary.org.uk

Alternatively, Woodlands are holding a Spooktacular Halloween special on Sunday 15th October 11-3pm where you can see all the cats in person they have in who are looking for their chance of a happy ever after.