Woodlands – The curse of a colour?

19th January 2018

Woodlands – The curse of a colour?

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are once again in a position where they have predominantly black & black & white cats in their rehoming block. 

The team are again having to watch while other colours of cats are moving on to their own, loving forever home while the beautiful black and black and white cats are by passed simply because of their colour.

A black cat is for life – not just for Halloween!  Alisha, who is an apprentice Animal Care Assistant working at the charity tells us about the two of the black cats who are “so friendly and just want to be with you all the time. 

Nova is a very sweet and loving cat, who has been with us for some time now.  She is quite nervous, but once she gets to know you she is very affectionate and playful. 

While Shadow wins everyone over and becomes their favourite because he is so affectionate – he just wants to be with you and cuddled.  You’ll often see Shadow snuggled up on someone’s knee, or nestled around their shoulders just enjoying the company.” 

Getting to know the cats as the staff and volunteers do at the sanctuary can make it very difficult to see these cats who have so much love to give, ignored just because of their colour.

Woodlands have found that it can take 80% longer to rehome black and black and white cats than any other colour!  Whilst this can be a shame for the cats involved it also means that the charity must continue to fund these cats until they find their loving forever home as well as not being able to take in any other cats in need of rescue because they don’t have any space.  So if you think you have space in your heart, and your home for one of their black, or black & white cats please contact the team by calling 01704 823293.

If you are on Facebook visit their page and watch the video Alisha has done as she shows you just what you are missing with their gorgeous, affectionate and cuddly fur babies. 

Black and white is surely the new tortie?