Woodlands – Back on the rehoming road – quarantine style!

29th April 2020

Since the Coronavirus and resulting social restrictions, Woodlands Animal Sanctuary have taken their lead from the government and other leading organisations as to how best to continue providing the service they do. The rehoming of cats and guinea-pigs had therefore ceased, in line with these guidelines. However, DERFA have now released updated guidelines, which allows Woodlands to once again rehome animals, albeit through a slightly altered process, which still adheres to the Social Distancing guidelines.

Their comprehensive, three stage system is still in place, to ensure the best match between the fosterer and their new furbaby. However, it now complies with social distancing. To find out about this updated system please visit the charity’s website where you will find the full details. https://www.woodlandsanimalsanctuary.org.uk/rehome/rehoming-during-quarantine/

As always, cats/guinea pigs will be up to date with vaccinations, worming, flea treatments and will have been spayed/neutered as well as having been given the all clear from their veterinary surgeon prior to being rehomed. You are also able to get 4 weeks’ free insurance with Pet Plan (cats). For cats, there is a request to purchase a bag of the litter and food that the cat/kitten is used to, in order to help the transition period to go as smoothly as possible. Again, this will all be done in in line with Government guidelines.

To view the animals available for rehoming you can visit their website at the above link.

Woodlands currently have 20 kittens in their care already this kitten season, along with 20 cats varying in age (not all of these cats and kittens are currently ready to be rehomed, but will be in time) and so this change in guidelines is very welcomed by their team, because once their pens are full, they are unable to take in any more cats or guinea pigs who may need their help.

If you were thinking of introducing a furbaby to your home, then now is in fact a superb time to do it, due to the time we are having to spend there. However, welcoming a furbaby into your life, is a very big commitment, and will long out last this lockdown. So Woodlands are asking you to consider this seriously & fully, and to only apply if you are certain it is something you want in your life for years to come, whether we are in lockdown or not.