Woodlands Animal Sanctuary Online Easter Pet Show

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary have missed their usual Open Days over the past couple of years and along with those events their very well attended Dog Shows.  So, the charity has decided to hold an Online Easter Pet Show – this time open to all pets and not just dogs!

Entries are with a photo/video emailed to Woodlands and entries will close at 6pm Easter Sunday.  £2 per class, which is payable through PayPal with a reference of ‘PS [Pet’s name]’.  Woodlands also ask that when paying through PayPal that you use ‘Friends and Family’, their PayPal address is: info@animalsanctuary.org.uk   The winners for each class will be chosen by the charity’s supporters on their Facebook page on Easter Monday with the winners announced Monday evening.  The top 3 from each class will receive a certificate and medal.

Send entries to:  info@animalsanctuary.org.uk with accompanying photo(s) clearly stating which photos are for which class.  Each entry must also give the entrants name, person and pet and the postal address to send prizes to.


  • Prettiest Pet
  • Most Handsome poser
  • Pet most like their owner
  • Best Rescue
  • Best 6 legs
  • Best fancy dress
  • Most appealing eyes
  • Best trick (video not photo)
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