Woodland neglect (Southport) by WACA and Sefton Council continues

29th August 2014 WWP update

A brief walk into the Woodvale woods today soon revealed additional vandalism of trees, fly-tipping and health risk via fire damage.

What sort of minds can happily kill mature trees by stripping off bark like this for ‘fun’?

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High above, all this natural beauty soon to be lost as the tree dies thanks to the ongoing mindless vandalism.

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A settee has been dragged into the woodland and set on fire in the drug addicts’ hang-out that was created under clear direction of Cllr Ted Hartill using ‘unauthorised’ power tools.

Any sign of Sefton Council, the Police and WACA, the charity the Council left in charge of the woods after they unfairly banned local whistleblowers?

This is exactly what happens when blinkered fools in the Council ban good and devoted volunteers from maintaining the woodland and leave it in the hands of others who are self-admittedly more eager to promote their ‘political agenda’ than the good work at hand.


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This speckled wood butterfly is emblematic of nature’s struggle against man’s worst efforts. Nature continues to try its best to survive, regardless of the vandals’ best efforts to destroy this lovely natural environment and the persistent neglect, thanks to Sefton Council’s well-documented stupidity.

ots-regan clan fly tipping 5 fire southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0

A hawk moth caterpillar in the woodland

ots-regan clan fly tipping fire southport ots onthespot ots otsnews.co.uk_0

The old place deserves better…


We have now contacted Ainsdale’s Cllr Haydn Preece and he has informed police about this latest disappointing news

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