Who’ll be the Real Winners in the 5G Revolution?

1st March 2022

For some time now, we’ve known that it’s been on its way. And, even though 5G technology is finally being rolled out, it’s likely that many people are still not quite aware of the changes that it will bring, or who will enjoy the benefits the most. In fact, the focus until now may have been more on the potential risks and downsides instead of its advantages.

But most of the fears that any kind of new technology often stirs up are increasingly being allayed. Attention is now shifting to the more positive aspects.

Naturally, the real winners from 5G are going to be the people who use it. With faster download speeds than ever before, it will make using the internet a seamless experience. For those who like to stream video content, it will mean they can enjoy high-quality sound and video. There are also clear advantages for other forms of entertainment like online casinos.

More and more people are gaming online – it’s easier than ever to open a browser and start playing. Operators attract customers with a wide variety of games and free casino bonus offers, often with no deposit needed.

Recent years have seen a real explosion of these sites, driven by increasingly sophisticated games and even ‘live casinos’ where the action of games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat is streamed directly to players’ devices. Clearly, faster, more reliable, connectivity will be a great advantage here.

As to who other winners will be, the manufacturers of phones and other mobile devices will undoubtedly be able to use 5G as an opportunity for more sales. In an industry that relies on consumers upgrading as often as possible, it represents the perfect reason for individuals to buy new handsets if they want to enjoy all the advantages of 5G. It’s also likely that using it will involve more than double the amount of mobile data needed for 4G. For this reason, network providers might also see increased revenue.

However, to take maximum advantage, there will need to be considerable extra investment in the infrastructure, especially the number of masts erected as the range of 5G is more limited than 4G.

So far, we’ve only considered the consumer and supplier benefits, but many people believe that it’s the commercial users who will experience the greatest changes from the new technology. Already factories are installing their own 5G networks and using them to monitor the progress of production lines as well as to handle the huge amount of data that any large business needs to manage and distribute.

Healthcare is another potential winner and trials are currently being carried out in Liverpool to install communications devices in selected homes that can be used to replace physical health visits with online ones instead.

5G seems like the dawn of an exciting new future. Meanwhile, early explorations are being undertaken into the potential of 6G. For now, however, the current generation of mobile communications should be quite enough progress for most of us.