Will Liverpool Labour violence soon spread to Sefton?

Southport residents are worried that political violence may be heading their way after Labour’s Liverpool boss declared publicly that he would like to hit his Lib Dem ‘oppo’ over the head with a plank of wood.
£80,000 per year Liverpool MayorJoe Anderson made the remarks in the Liverpool Council chamber this week. He took time out from putti g up people’s Council Tax to record levels to tell the world how he would like to let loose hos violent streak against councillors who disagreed with himself. This has led to concerned tweets all over Merseyside. Mayor Anderson, who famously was found taking £20,000 a year from a Crosby school for doing nothing, was seen out drinking with former Liverpool Militant boss Derek Hatton last week and there are worries that Labour’s intimidation level locally may be heading once again for the worst depths of the Militant days.  
Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger has made it clear that her own recent decision to leave the Labour Party was nothing to do with politics but was down to the refusal of Labour to deal with harassment and intimidation from a bullying minority of their party members. In Ms Berger’s case, she feels the base motive for the attacks which she has suffered is down to ant-semitism but in other cases the bullying is just down to people who want to have their own way, regardless. 
Ms Berger, who has just given birth to a baby boy, was harrassed by Labour extremists throughout her pregnancy. The MP said she said she was forced to report threats against her unborn child to the police. One former Labour member tweeted her to say: “Lets all pray the same fate awaits @LucianaBerger’s baby that she wishes for all Palestinian babies.”