Why won’t Labour support 10 July strike?

Left wing political party Left Unity is calling on the Labour Party to join it in supporting the public sector strike on Thursday, after Labour put out a statement saying it will not back the action.

Felicity Dowling, one of Left Unity’s principal speakers, is a teacher and will be on strike herself on Thursday. She said:

“Despite Ed Miliband’s talk of the ‘cost of living crisis’, Labour is refusing to support us when we strike for fair pay. They talk about better education but refuse to back the people who are fighting to improve it. Where is the sense in that?

“Many of those striking on Thursday will be members of Labour-affiliated unions. They will be wondering what on earth they pay their money for if Labour won’t even support them when they are standing up to this government.

“Every day we see how far Labour has strayed from its roots. That’s why we need a new party of the left, and that’s why we formed Left Unity.”

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