Why Promotional Events are Still Necessary in 2023

The last few years have been strange. We have had a global pandemic to contend with which has changed the way many people operate their business, and indeed market their business. Promotional events of course tend to be in-person events, and therefore were something we had to forgo for a significant period of time. However now they are back in full swing, with busy calendars of events for the rest of the year, here we talk about why they are still so necessary in 2023.

Brand Visibility

It’s key for any marketing strategy that you have multiple touch-points for people to recognise your brand. Of course, there is a huge focus on the digital landscape as there should be, but we need to remember that there is a world offline too. This is something that is often forgotten in a world of Instagram and Facebook, but it’s an integral part of your sales funnel. By hosting an event, you are giving people another option to connect with your brand, building that visibility and making you more memorable.

It will Create Opportunities for Digital Content

As a by-product of your promotional event, digital content opportunities will present themselves. You will of course look to promote this online, any attendees or delegates will also no doubt post social media content surrounding their attendance – and you can even join forces with brand ambassadors and influencers that will help you to amplify your reach. There are businesses such as weareeventpeople.co.uk who can help create those collaborations for you so you can focus on other elements. This can give your social media presence a huge boost and give you access to a much wider audience.

You are Connecting with your Target Audience

Clients and prospective clients like to be made to feel special, they like to feel courted – as such inviting them to a promotional event will help them understand that you are still thinking of them and keep you in their train of thought. It will also allow human interaction that can sometimes be lacking in a digital world. If you meet someone face-to-face, the likelihood of them converting is higher than if you were to send out a cold email for example.

You can Add Special Touches

You can add special touches to an event that will make your business and service offering/product memorable. It could be that you offer a keepsake for them to take away that will act as a constant reminder for your brand, or it could be that you create a fantastic photo opportunity that includes your branding that they can share with their connections and push online. You can also work with external companies for elements such as catering and event equipment hire to make your event extra special. Promotional events give you scope to do something that makes you stand out from the crowd and really show off your personality

It Gives you Follow Up Material

There should always be an excuse to reach out to your database of connections. For those who attended the event, you can use that data in a smart way. It could be that you follow up with a special offer or promotion, or it could be that you ask for feedback on the event with a survey type approach and gain valuable insight to what they are thinking so you can make improvements. User generated content can often be the best kind.

Your Audience is Captive

If you have people at a promotional event, you are far more likely to capture their attention than if they happen to see a social media post, or an email send. They are physically there at your event, ready to soak in information about your business. This gives you the ability to educate and inform in a way that could be invaluable to your business. Whilst you have them there, make the most of it with great content and experiences.

If you are considering activity for the remainder of the year, and previously thought about hosting a promotional event – hopefully this article has given you an idea as to why this could be hugely beneficial to your brand. The important thing to remember is, always keep them thinking about you.


Business events are important for networking. They aid the individual and the business in general, usually while offering some knowledge and give back to the industry. If you are considering putting on your own industry event, you can’t go wrong with our tips.