Why Made to Measure Is the Only Way to Go for Stylish Curtains

28th January 2024

Window dressing helps to elevate your interior decor, given that windows are focal points in most homes. However, the curtains you choose should go beyond mere aesthetics to ensure you have privacy and enough light during the day. While ready-made curtains can save you time and money, they might not fit windows with non-standard designs. Moreover, you’re limited in terms of colours, fabrics, and designs.

Fortunately, made-to-measure curtains offer a solution. Here, we’ll discuss why made to measure curtains are a great investment.

Benefits of Made-to-Measure Curtains

Curtains are considered a long-term investment. With bespoke designs and high-quality, sustainable fabrics, you can never go wrong with made-to-measure curtains.

Here are some benefits associated with these curtains.

Regardless of Your Window Design the Curtains Will Fit

In most cases, ready-made curtains stick to standard measurements. If you have round windows, extra-large windows, sets of patio panes, bay windows, or other unique shapes, the curtains will need to be altered to ensure the perfect fit. This compromises the curtain’s quality and design.

Conversely, with made-to-measure curtains, you get to measure the length and width of your window before they’re designed and made. As such, your curtains won’t hang too low, have too much fabric on the sides, or leave unnecessary gaps. You’ll also have optimal light and privacy in your house.

Each Curtain Is Handcrafted to Meet the Desired Specifications

Due to customising the curtains to meet varying window shapes, made-to-measure curtains have intricate details that would be impossible to achieve with ready-made curtains. Furthermore, designers make them using traditional hand-crafted techniques, paying attention to each stitch and seam. This way, high quality is assured.

In addition, made-to-measure curtains have a variety of heading options, including eyelets, pinch pleats, and pencil pleats. For the finishing touches, you can choose tiebacks, valances, and different trimmings.

High-Quality Fabric in an Array of Colours and Patterns

One challenge of choosing ready-made curtains is that you might find a pleasing design but with fabric that’s not ideal. In contrast, made-to-measure curtains give you a lot of flexibility. You can first go through different fabrics to find one that matches your tastes and requirements. Also, from such a wide selection, it’s easier to find colours and patterns that match your house decor.

Fabrics used in custom curtains are always of high quality, though each has its unique strengths. Here are some examples:

  • Linen curtains: Renowned for their durability and ability to enhance privacy, they also allow some degree of light into any given room.
  • Silk curtains: These curtains have a soft sheen that gives a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  • Blackout fabrics: Besides being decorative, blackout fabrics consist of another layer that prevents sunlight from entering a room. They are suitable for rooms where privacy and less light are a priority, such as bedrooms.
  • Cotton fabrics: You can find cotton fabrics in varying thicknesses. They’re soft, let light enter the room, and enhance privacy.

You’ll Save More Than the Initial Cost in the Long Run

For the record, the initial cost of made-to-measure curtains is significantly higher compared to that of ready-made options. However, in the long term, made-to-measure curtains can save you more money. The option to choose quality fabric, together with detail-oriented sewing, ensures that these curtains stand the test of time.

Selecting a Perfect Made-to-Measure Curtain

  • Although made-to-measure curtains offer many benefits, you still need to pay attention to details to avoid costly mistakes. Here are a few tips to guide you in the decision process: Ask your vendor for fabric samples. You’ll get to know the feel of different fabrics and colours in your house.
  • Don’t settle for size customisation only. There are lots of hanging styles and finishing options that can give your curtains a more than standard look.
  • Have the future in mind. Since custom curtains don’t come cheaply, you should go for fabrics and colours that blend in easily with different styles if you prefer changing your home decor frequently.
  • Each material used in made-to-measure curtains has unique care requirements. So, be sure to discuss proper maintenance practices to ensure your curtains last as intended.

You’ll Never Go Wrong with Custom Curtains When you want to add a touch of personality to curtains while maximising their purpose in any room, you can’t go wrong with made-to-measure curtains. With a variety of customisation options, from size to material to colour and finishes, their durability makes them well worth your investment.