Why Giving To Charity Is A Good Thing To Do

13th September 2023

The world is, sadly, not a fair place, and some people are much worse off than others, which is why there are charities around to help them out. However, these charities wouldn’t be able to do any good work if it wasn’t for the donations they receive from everyday people, as this money is what truly allows them to help others and put plans in place to make people’s lives easier – or perhaps the lives of animals, for example, as there are many different types of charity.

It’s easy to see how the charities and the people they help benefit from the good nature of the donors, but what about the people who give to charity themselves? What do they get out of it? If you’re wondering what the personal benefits could be, keep reading to find out and you might realise that giving to charity gives you an incredibly rewarding feeling.


You Can Help Make Positive Changes

There are many different ways to give to charity: you might put some coins in a collecting tin; you might do a sponsored walk or run; or perhaps you want to find will writing services near me and leave a gift to a specific charity in your will. These, and many other ideas, are all readily available, so it’s actually very easy to give money to a good cause – and one of the reasons you might want to do it is that you can make positive changes in other people’s lives, which is clearly a positive outcome.

Whether you’re supporting education, healthcare, dealing with poverty, or you want to help with an environmental cause, anything you can give – no matter how big or small – will have a big impact on people’s lives, or even entire communities. By giving to charity, you can actually make a difference and make some positive changes in the world, which is a goal that we should all be working towards.


It Will Make You Feel Good

Although you’ll ideally be giving to charity to help other people, the fact is that giving to charity will also make you feel good at the same time – so why not do it and boost your own wellbeing as well as that of others?

There have been lots of studies that have shown how acts of kindness (including giving money and time to charity) actually trigger the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin. When this happens, it leads to a great sense of happiness and even reduces your stress levels; so in other words, giving to charity can make you healthier and happier, so it’s clearly worth doing.


It Gives You A Sense Of Purpose

It’s great to have a sense of purpose in your life, and giving to charities can offer you that purpose. Many people who give money to charities, either regularly or once in a while, feel happy and fulfilled once they’ve done it, and they know they’ve done a good deed – they know their life has meaning.

Although a one-off donation can give you this feeling, and it’s an important thing to do, if you can do more (without giving yourself financial difficulties, of course), you’ll feel even better, so it’s definitely worth considering making a regular donation to your chosen cause.