Why Do You Need a Dedicated Development Team?

15th May 2023

What is one of the biggest challenges you face in meeting the increased demands of customers? Is it being technologically strong and creating efficient software solutions?

To survive in the digital world, software development is essential to success, and an inability to do it can make it hard for you to survive and thrive.  So, how to overcome this challenge at a minimum cost? 

The answer is simple, and that is by building a dedicated development team.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

Dedicated teams is part of a model that runs on the collaboration between your company and a service provider of dedicated development resources. It is similar to hiring a dedicated team, and outsourcing your software development to them.

This team works for you, just like your in-house employees. But these are remote team members that you can hire for full or part-time projects. 

A dedicated development team works best for businesses without any strict requirements.

Who Forms a Dedicated Development Team? 

This team can have as many members as you want, but from an IT background. A dedicated development team usually has software engineers, QA specialists, product managers, or designers. 

Before outsourcing the specialists, you need to know your project requirements, the technologies you use, the duration of the project, and the funds available to pay the team members. 

This way, you can successfully create a virtual team with different combinations of specialists for your company. 

But is there any benefit this team offers? Yes, there are many ways in which the dedicated development team model can be useful for your business. 

The Team Model is Cost-effective

This is one of the common reasons for forming a dedicated development team. Hiring a remote team of experts can save you many costs, like office space expenses, hiring costs, onboarding and training, and legal expenses. 

Besides, most companies pay their dedicated development members on an hourly basis. This helps manage the expenses in a far better way than the traditional approach. 

This Team Accelerates Productivity

A dedicated development team enhances work productivity by working at the same pace as the rest of the software industry. This way, a professional team reduces the time and money spent on finishing a project. 

Most teams hired have a vast experience in IT projects. This makes it easy for you to instruct them and get your work done. 

You Can Benefit from A Large Variety of Skills

Do you have an in-house team? If yes, you may have very limited skills to rely on. 

This is because the same group of people is responsible for generating ideas and working on the projects every time. 

However, with a dedicated development team, you work with a new set of specialists every time. Since there is no limitation on a preferred location, you have a wide pool of experts to work with. 

The Team Brings In Tremendous Flexibility 

With a dedicated development team, you have much time to work on different projects while they handle crucial tasks. 

Whether a large or small enterprise, you get better team management and control. This way, you can easily request modifications to the team without wasting your time. 

You Benefit from Additional Support and Services

A dedicated development team can provide you with after-sale and maintenance services. These are crucial, especially when you need a perfect IT product or service. 

The team provides you with continuous support on quality and any maintenance sessions that you may desire. 

This Team Can Give You Your Required Dynamism

A dedicated development team provides you with workflow agility and flexibility. You hire the skills you need and get the results you require. 

This is all achieved without losing any control or breaking the bank. 

How to Build a Perfect Dedicated Development Team?

Here are steps you can take to build a strong team.


  • Contact an online vendor and define your company and all the skill requirements. This step is crucial to building a team that meets your objectives.
  • The shortlisted candidates undergo several interviews conducted by the vendor’s team and your company.
  • When interviewing candidates, notice their communication style, knowledge, experience, and attitude toward work.
  • Once you are satisfied with a few candidates, launch them as a team and make them start working for your project. 

Final Takeaway

You know you need a dedicated development team when your in-house employees aren’t experienced or affordable enough to create feasible software solutions. 

The good thing is that this team not only gives you flexibility with work but also brings in new talent and productivity. 

So, before you start losing your projects, hire an efficient and capable dedicated development team, and assign them tasks that require their skills. 

Make sure that your chosen team members know the work and have enough experience also to provide you with after-sale services.