Why Choose a Job in HR

20th September 2023

Human resources (HR) is an essential part of any organization, large or small. It’s the department that takes care of employees and helps create a productive, successful work environment. It can be a daunting decision to choose a job in HR when there are so many options available, but there are some compelling reasons why you should consider HR as your career path. Let’s discuss why choosing a job in HR might be the right fit for you and how it can benefit your life and career.


What is HR?

HR is responsible for ensuring that an organization’s employees are productive, happy, and engaged. They do this by developing policies and procedures, managing payroll and benefits, and providing training and development opportunities. HR also works to resolve conflicts between employees and managers.

If you are looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding, then a job in HR may be the right choice for you. With so many different aspects to consider, HR provides an opportunity to use your skills in a variety of ways. No two days are the same in HR, which makes the job both exciting and challenging.

The Different Types of HR jobs

Human Resource is a broad field that offers many different types of jobs. South Africa has a large skills shortage, which allows for larger salaries and ease of finding Human Resources jobs abroad.  Here are just a few of the most common HR positions to look out for when searching for jobs in South Africa:

  • Recruiter: A recruiter is responsible for attracting, screening, and hiring job candidates. They may also be responsible for conducting onboarding activities and orientations for new employees.
  • Compensation and Benefits Specialist: A compensation and benefits specialist designs and administers employee benefit programs. They may also be responsible for negotiating contracts with health insurance providers, retirement plan administrators, and other vendors.
  • Employee Relations Specialist: An employee relations specialist manages employee relations issues such as conflict resolution, performance management, and disciplinary action. They may also serve as a liaison between employees and management.
  • Training and Development Specialist: A training and development specialist designs and delivers training programs to improve employee skills. They may also be responsible for developing career paths and succession planning initiatives.

Pros and Cons of a job in HR

There are many reasons to consider a job in HR, but there are also some potential drawbacks to keep in mind. Here are some pros and cons of working in HR:


  • Help people find their dream jobs and build rewarding careers.
  • Play a role in improving workplace culture and making sure employees are happy and productive.
  • You can learn a lot about business, leadership, and people management.
  • The salary and job security is often good in HR.


  • Dealing with conflict and difficult personalities can be challenging.
  • It can be a high-pressure job where you’re constantly dealing with deadlines.
  • The work can be repetitive or boring at times.

What skills are needed for a job in HR?

In order to be successful in a job in HR, there are a few key skills that are essential. First, it is important to have strong communication skills. This includes both written and verbal communication. You will need to be able to effectively communicate with people at all levels within an organization. It is also important to have strong interpersonal skills. This means being able to build relationships and trust with others, as well as being able to resolve conflict. Additionally, HR professionals need to be well-organized and detail oriented. They must be able to keep track of a variety of information and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Finally, it is important to have a good understanding of employment law and regulations. This knowledge is essential in order to properly protect the rights of employees and the company.

Throughout your dealing with employees and colleagues, you will have a lot of personal information at your hands, it is important that personal information is kept private.

How to get a job in HR

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job in HR. First, consider pursuing a degree or certification in human resources. This will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the field. Additionally, try to get as much experience as possible working with people and in an administrative capacity. This will show potential employers that you have the ability to handle the responsibilities of an HR position. Finally, be sure to brush up on your interview skills and practice talking about your experience and qualifications with friends or family members before meeting with potential employers. With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to landing an HR job of your dreams!


Working in human resources is a great way to use your knowledge and skills to help people succeed. With the right attitude, you can be an invaluable asset to any organization. In addition to being able to work with others, you will also gain insight into how different organizations operate and grow as well as develop new skills that can benefit you throughout your career. If your job search is for a position that is both rewarding and flexible, then HR could be the perfect choice for you!