A Southport Local Councillor is calling for a new Leisure activity sparked by the Sefton Council’s £30,000 Nexus Report, published today

Councillor Tony Dawson, who represents the Town Centre of Southport, has seized upon the report’s concerns about the traffic on “Eastgate Road” ( p 64).

Councillor Dawson says:

“We could advertise this new ‘Southport Street-Hunt’ across the North West and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of visitors may then flock to our town to spend happy hours searching for this mystery street. They will thereby stumble upon dozens of shops they would not otherwise visit and exhausted they will fall into the bar and restaurants and spend a small fortune.”

Councillor Dawson is highly-critical of the report which cost the Council pretty much the same as the free parking at Christmas which they secretly withdrew this year without consultation.

“The Council appear to be proposing really serious changes which would fundamentally affect the character of Lord Street and the beach and various other critical elements of town. But there is no detail of how these things will be achieved. At the same time, some real big issues of the town are ignored. There is no major housing proposal. No attempt to get traffic from one side of the railway line to anotherbetween London Street and Eastbank Street, Virginai Streeet or Bridge Street.

“We need to hear the views of traders, residents. the people who care about our town of Southport as to what they feel about where Southport should be going and what it needs.. Otherwise we shall be bulldozed in certain directions by a Council based in Bootle.

“The report itself is lightweight and full of ‘the obvious’. The idea that it cost tens of thousands of pounds is mind-boggling. It smacks of being thrown together by someone with a little access to the world wide web but little understanding of Southport. Where they expect all the traffic to go to from Lord Street, heaven only knows.”

“I am sure that the town’s business community would have been considerably-more impressed if the free Christmas Parking in town had been retained rather than spending the same amount of money on this stuff.”


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