Wheels of misfortune as pram wrecked by dog mess

Photo: Larkfield Lane

Wheels of misfortune as pram wrecked by dog mess

Residents of Larkfield Lane, Southport have voiced their disgust at the way dog owners leave their pet’s poo.

The popular pathways in the area leading to the schools are continuously being blighted by a dog poo.

Excrement is smeared along parts of the path, where dog owners have failed to pick up their pet’s mess.

A Southport woman has set her wheels in motion as she launches a campaign to tackle piles of dog poo which keep ruining her baby’s pram.

Tracy Simcox says she is fed up with the school run on Larkfield Lane which she has described as a minefield of excrement. She has to constantly dodge the mess and each day there are new piles to encounter, Tracy told OTS News She said: “I would like to report dog mess on a road I walk to school on larkfield lane. It’s absolutely everywhere. “I’m fed up of it, it’s a school road and obviously it’s happening everyday. I go nursery Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. And it’s there all the time. “Something needs to be done.”

Another resident said:  “There is absolutely no excuse for this, I’ve got two dogs and both their leads have bags that carry poo bags and treat.”

“More bins would help but they also need to be emptied more often, the one by Bibby Road is often overflowing dog waste, which a the fault of Sefton Council.”


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