What You Should Know Before Buying a Dresser

20th January 2023

You simply can’t overlook the usefulness of a chest of drawers for storage. It’s been around for a while, so you know it’s reliable at keeping the mess inside. But before making a purchase, you want to know what to look for in a chest of drawers. The following are a few that may help you in this regard.


1. Size


When shopping for a chest of drawers, size should be a top consideration. You can rearrange the contents of your drawers at any time.

2. Style

It’s possible to find a variety of chest drawer styles even within the same collection. For instance, bedrooms with light color schemes benefit from painted chests, while more traditional spaces benefit from dark-toned cabinets.

3. Materials

You can completely change the feel and appearance of a room by simply switching out the chest of drawers and the materials and finishes it’s made from. Wood is by far the most popular material for building our favorite chest of drawers, and for good reason: it looks great in both modern and traditional settings, and it is both strong and durable.

4. Seek Out Solid Building Characteristics

Your dresser, like the rest of your furniture, should be built to last. So, if you want to buy drawers from the best furniture stores, you should check for evidence of high-quality construction. Drawers made from solid hardwood last much longer than those made from particle board.


5. Design

There is no bedroom furniture without a chest of drawers. Besides storing clothing and bedding, they can also serve as decorative pieces. So you should consider this factor before buying any chest of drawers.

6. Colour

The other alpha value is color. While cream and white are the most common colors for drawers, you can also find them in grey and black if those are better suited to your aesthetic. You can also paint over wooden furniture without any problems.

7. Search for Adaptable Shelving

When shopping for a dresser, most people buy multiple drawers to accommodate a wide variety of items; therefore, a pervasive chest of drawers may not be the best option. Instead, choose a dresser with a variety of drawer depths to adjust everything from sneakers to sweaters. Choose a dresser with a mixture of open shelving and closed drawers if you’re looking for flexible storage options.

8. Price

The dresser ranges in dimensions, materials, and aesthetics. If you like the furniture, it is usually worth spending a little bit more than you would on a less reputable brand. The best time to shop is during a sale when stores drastically reduce prices to make room for new inventory.

9. Evaluate the location where you intend to put it.

Think about the room in your house where you want to put the new dresser before you go shopping. Plan out the spot you want to put it, then get exact measurements. Think about how this new structure fits in with the existing architecture and landscaping.

10. Other features

There are a variety of decorative details available on today’s chests of drawers.  These are also worthy of attention. Some pieces will be easier to relocate than others because they have removable, extra legs. In some, however, you’ll find a glass surface that resists scratches and wear.

Final Words

The best option is the one that meets your requirements and budget while also enhancing the aesthetics of your space.


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