What proves relationship in case of UK partner visas?

21st December 2023

Find out what documents you need to provide the Home Office to join your British spouse in the UK.

Spouse and other UK partner visas

Partner visas enable foreigners in a genuine and ongoing relationship with a British citizen or settled status person to join them in the UK. Partner visas are part of the UK family visa category and come in numerous varieties for different partnerships.

Partnership visas in the UK include:

  • UK spouse visa for married spouses of British citizens and settled people
  • Civil Partnership Visa —for couples who have been together for two years with a British citizen or settled person.
  • Fiance Visa – for British nationals and established people wishing to marry in the UK, a fiance visa is required.

Spouse and Unmarried Partner Visas may lead to UK permanent residence. You may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years in the UK on certain visas. After 12 months with ILR, you may seek for British citizenship.

The Fiance visa is valid for 6 months, but you must verify your connection. You may get a Spouse Visa after marrying in the UK.

Genuine connection need

Genuine connection is a key need for partner visas. Scam marriages and partnerships used to get British visas are strongly discouraged by the Home Office, hence the genuine relationship criteria was devised.

Proof of a true and ongoing connection is required, but the direction is unclear. This usually signifies you’ve lived with your spouse for two years. Exceptions are made for cultural or religious reasons.

What papers confirm your relationship?

The Home Office accepts a number of papers to confirm a couple’s connection.

A marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate (translated into English or Welsh) will be accepted, but you will need to provide further documentation to prove a real connection.

Application as an unmarried partner requires proof of cohabitation for at least 2 years, such as rental agreements or shared utility bills.

Fiancé visa applicants must present wedding ceremony and booking confirmations to prove their UK marriage preparations.

Couples may submit a written declaration and attach documentation like statements from friends and relatives.

Photos and messages

Your partner may get photos and conversation. Include photos from family occasions, travels, and your wedding. Long-term photos may prove you were in a relationship for the qualifying duration.

Make sure photos are posted in the proper format and size. Your submission may benefit from a short explanation of the photos, such as when and where they were shot.

The Home Office accepts screenshots of your relationship’s internet conversations, emails, and texts. A few photos will show the duration and character of your connection, but not every chat.


Evidence of shared travel experiences, such as itineraries or hotel reservations, might validate your connection. The Home Office will evaluate your relationship if you provide documentation of mutual excursions or visits.

Visa applications should contain relevant photos of your time together on these excursions.

Shared kids

If you have children with your partner, bring their birth certificates with your application. This will show your relationship’s longevity and dedication.

Mutual financial obligations

Joint financial responsibility might also prove real connection. Joint utility bills and bank statements are examples of paperwork.