What players need to know about the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon in FF 14

16th March 2023

In many MMO projects and FF 14 is no exception – dungeons and raids are a valuable, and sometimes the only source of good equipment.

Raids, by their nature, are unique instanced zones where players unite in large groups to fight unique bosses that will use special mechanics.

In addition to interesting leisure activities, raids bring special sets of equipment and weapons, experience and gils.

In order to access the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon in Final Fantasy 14 you need to be level 90 and here are the ways to do it:


  1. Follow the storyline and complete the main and secondary tasks that will bring you an understanding of game mechanics, an interesting narrative, experience, starting equipment and weapons and gils. Keep an eye on the reward that is offered to you at the stage of accepting the task – this is more about additional tasks. You should not take everything for the sake of a couple of% to the scale for 4 hours of real time.
  2. Farm monsters in locations. By completing various tasks, you can track which monsters bring a lot of experience and start hunting them, even without being tied to quests. Ideally, if your character has AoE attacks to quickly kill large groups of monsters. In the process of hunting, you will gain experience, and get a chance to knock out something valuable from equipment and get materials and gils.
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What players need to successfully start farming the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon

If you want to get into the dungeon, then you need to get level 90 in FF 14, and complete the Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before quest in the Endwalker update. The task is issued by the NPC Jammingway in the Old Sharlayan location – the new update location.

You need equipment with a total power level of 540 otherwise you will be denied access to the raid.


The main mechanics of the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon in FF 14

Inside the dungeon, you will traditionally encounter three bosses with increasing difficulty and various mechanics that must be taken into account in order not to be defeated.



The first boss in the dungeon with a large set of mechanics to consider in addition to the minions that will constantly spin under your feet. Kill all followers with massive attack skills to reduce the load on the tank and healer and remove the obstacle at the moment the boss uses the main mechanics.

Side Cannons – Deals damage over the entire area of the raid from a certain side.

Rear Interceptors – Chooses the opposite side from the first hit and repeats the mechanics of the skill from the other direction.

Chemical Missile – Deals AoE damage and leaves a puddle of fire on the ground.

Electric Slide – Creates a wall that pulls players towards it to deal heavy damage.

Avoid the pool of fire and the wall of electricity to avoid taking additional damage.

Guided Missile – The boss fires a missile that will follow a random player to deal heavy damage. The missile is slow, so the victim of the skill should simply run away from the missile until it self-destructs.


Arch Lambda

A boss that will often use jumps to disappear from the map and deal damage, as well as orbs that will cause raid members to attack each other if players are not careful.

As always, minions are a priority for AoE damage.

The boss will make a series of jumps and deal damage in a wave at the moment of landing at the last point.

Wave Cannon is a skill that will trigger after the boss lands. Damage will be applied to all players who do not have time to run over the landing point. Watch this carefully – the damage is palpable.

Boss will divide the map into zones and create a sphere of a different color above each player. If players get close to each other with these orbs, then strong AoE damage will be dealt. Make sure that you do not end up next to a player with the same number of spheres as you.



The head of the dungeon will periodically change its type of attacks, turning into new forms for players. Constantly summons additional monsters that will use strong AoE skills. At this stage, be especially careful and kill all the summoned assistants as quickly as possible.

AI Takeover – The boss summons additional monsters that will explode dealing damage, attack players with the power of fire and deal tangible damage with cone AoE damage. It will be especially noticeable when there are too many monsters.

Linear damage will periodically be applied to the sides of the platform – avoid it.

The boss will turn into a donut, or a spiral. If in a donut, then an AoE skill of the same shape will be created around it, with a safe zone in the center of the circle. If in a spiral, then all melee players will take spiral damage near the boss.

After successfully completing the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon, you will receive accessories from the series The Last 560 power level.