What Is the Best Cannabis Strain for Anxiety?

13th June 2022

Almost one in five American adults suffer from anxiety, so the first thing anyone dealing with this difficult mental health condition should know is that they are not alone. The second thing that’s important to realize is that many anxiety sufferers find natural relief through the use of cannabis. Read on or check out this website to find out which cannabis strains work the best for anxiety.

CBD vs THC-Dominant Strains

People who need to find marijuana seeds to grow plants for managing anxiety should know that both CBD and THC have properties that can help anxiety sufferers find relief. However, it’s not uncommon for high-THC strains to induce anxiety, especially in those who aren’t used to using cannabis products. The strains described below include both CBD- and THC-dominant varieties, so anyone who wants to grow them should first decide which of these cannabinoids to prioritize.

High CBD: Cannatonic

Cannatonic is an indica/sativa hybrid that was developed to have high concentrations of CBD and low amounts of THC. Its most noteworthy benefits are happiness and relaxation, but Cannatonic does still produce some psychoactive effects. For those suffering anxiety as a result of underlying health conditions, it’s also worth noting that high-CBD strains like Cannatonic are good for calming inflammation.

Well-Balanced: Pennywise

Pennywise has around a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, which makes it a well-balanced strain with indica tendencies. The high CBD concentration makes it good for soothing anxiety without creating over-the-top psychoactive experiences, but that’s not the only thing that sets Pennywise apart. The strain also contains high levels of the terpene linalool, which is also found in lavender plants and is proven to reduce anxiety and aggression.

High THC Sativa Hybrid: White Widow

White widow is a high-THC sativa-dominant hybrid known for its calming effects. It can have THC levels of up to 25% and only contains 0.2% CBD, so White Widow is only a good strain for anxiety sufferers who already know that an intoxicating experience is what they want. It promotes what many users describe as a full-bodied, “spacey” high that boasts both euphoria and stimulation and makes it good for tackling anxiety issues head-on.

High THC Indica Hybrid: Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie has THC levels that vary significantly from grower to grower, with some plants boasting 23% THC and others producing concentrations of just 13%. It’s not the high THC content that draws many cannabis enthusiasts to this strain when they want relief from anxiety, though. Cherry Pie is known for producing a state of deep relaxation without the body high associated with most indica strains. Instead of feeling calm but tired, Cherry Pie can help people feel less anxious but remain alert.

High THC Balanced Hybrid: Sour OG

Sour OG is a classic strain that’s as popular today as it was in years past. It offers a well-balanced experience that is less likely to cause anxiety-inducing side effects than most indica or sativa hybrids. With THC concentrations of just 13-17%, the effects won’t be overwhelming. Instead, it will help people feel more relaxed without causing sleepiness.

Everyone Is Different

Everyone’s brain is a little different, which means their endocannabinoid systems are, as well. There’s no one strain of marijuana that works best for anxiety in every cannabis user, so it can be a good idea to try different options until one of them seems like a good fit. Just be sure to order the seeds for them from a reputable seed bank so they’ll be true to type.