What Is Slingo?

13th March 2022

Bingo is an almost legendary gambling game in today’s online casinos. It’s everywhere, and nearly every online casino in the UK offers this type of casual casino gaming.

However, one interesting category is slowly reaching the audience and has the potential to wow the crowd and become a fan-favourite. Will Slingo defeat its processor bingo or will the timeless classic prevail? Read below.

Have You Heard of Slingo?

Slingo is a hybrid game category merging online slots and bingo. It combines elements from both popular casino games to create a unique gaming experience at online casino websites. The essence of the game is in the combination of tickets with slot reels to create unique gameplay where players fill reels to complete tickets. The whole point is to complete lines (Slingos) to win payouts. Essentially, it’s a crossover that captured the hearts of so many punters in the UK, registering even 5 million players each year.

The original Slingo game was made by Sal Falciglia Sr in 1995, which is when the story of this hybrid game begins. Soon enough, the company behind the game expanded its portfolio, spreading its popularity across the UK and US casino scene.

For the last ten years, the company has been growing under the leadership of Gaming Realms, who bought Slingo Inc and transformed it into Slingo Originals. Slingo Originals is the only company in the world that creates Slingo games and is responsible for delivering them to online casinos both in the USA and the UK.

Slingo Versus Bingo

The two games share a handful of similarities, but the younger genre is still a genre in its own right. Slingo, although not officially bingo, is a bingo-related game that uses tickets. However, in regular bingo games, players can purchase only pre-filled tickets, with all numbers already chosen. You have no autonomy over the chosen numbers, unlike keno games.

Slingo uses pre-determined tickets as well, but the numbers are different. While most bingo games often use 90 balls, Slingo works with 75. Moreover, the number draw is different, as you now have a reel to match the numbers too. Numbers appear on the grid and are then marked off the ticket when they appear. You have ten spins to complete a Slingo line, and depending on the variant, you might also get additional spins or another kind of boosters.

The important thing to note is that there is no number calling. All balls (numbers) appear as symbols on the slot grid.

Top Slingo Games Online

Those who want to start playing Slingo can do so at most online casino websites. However, it would be good to check which games are considered the best before entering the hall. According to Slingo Originals, the most popular gambling releases still played by punters are the following:

  • Slingo Rainbow Riches
  • Slingo Riches
  • Book of Slingo
  • Slingo Starburst
  • Deal or No Deal Slingo

Each is modelled after a popular slot release, such as Starburst, Rainbow Riches, and ‘Book of’ slots. The Book of Slingo is a direct reference to a series of Egyptian-themed slot games made by prominent software companies.

However, Slingo Rainbow Riches remains one of the best Slingo game releases ever to reach the audience. It has 12 paylines that pay a sum for all Slingo lines you complete. It’s a game you should try, as most punters start their gaming careers with this game exactly.


The choice between Slingo and bingo ultimately lands on the player. It mostly depends on your tastes – are you into modern games or are you more for the traditional choices?

Bingo is, despite its failing popularity, still a fan-favourite choice for so many punters. Casual players, including female punters looking for low-risk games, enjoy looking for bingo sites and playing ball games online. However, Slingo is getting increasingly more popular, thanks to its mixture of slots with bingo. Slots are, after all, a top choice, so combining them with another category is bound to bring recognition to the new genre. However, it’s completely up to the players to pick the one they like the most.