What is live dealer casino and how does it work?

8th November 2021

Shortly after the very first online casino was launched in 1996, the idea to create live dealer games was attempted. Unfortunately, back in 1998, technology wasn’t advanced enough to facilitate this futuristic idea, but as the popularity of online casinos grew, developers were not ready to give up.

But the question remains: what is live dealer casino? And most importantly; how does it work?

Read on to find out.

The rise of live casino

In 2006-2007, just before the release of the first smartphones, live casino stepped out onto the market, as technology had advanced just enough for improvements to be made. Better internet speeds allowed for the streaming of real dealers handling cards and spinning Roulette wheels, but this was rare, as the conditions for live casino were still challenging. When people started getting their hands on smartphones, the demand for faster internet speeds increased, so live dealer games benefited from this. In around 2012, the software available to the nation improved again, allowing live casino to become accessible to players on their mobile devices, rather than just a computer, making gameplay portable.

Now, live casino is accessible from most smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, anywhere you have internet access, and the games run smoothly. Your experience is enhanced by additional animations dancing on the screens, themed games, live chat, and a variety of camera angles, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a land-based casino.!

How does it work?

Live dealer casino takes place in a specially built studio, with a professional dealer dressed in appropriate attire – either their usual casino-wear, or an outfit that suits the theme of the game. They’ll be surrounded by lights, cameras, and are wired up to a microphone. The dealer will have the table game in front of them, with cameras capturing gameplay from all angles, smoothly transitioning between them. The virtual room will hold a certain capacity of online players, so once you’ve joined, and enough people are waiting for gameplay to start, the dealer will go live and host the game just like they would at a land-based casino.

There’ll be a live chat option, where you’ll be able to type to the dealer to either ask questions or make small talk. They’ll read the messages from players and reply out loud, keeping the game interactive and exciting. Once everyone has placed their bets, gameplay will begin and the dealer will shuffle the cards, deal, roll or spin the wheel, depending on the game you’ve opted to play.

Some games, such as Monopoly Live, available at the online casino at Paddy Power, have bonus rounds and additional animations on the screen to make the game even more immersive. The bonus round in this game allows you to walk through the animated Monopoly streets with Mr. Monopoly himself, whilst the dealer continues to host, awaiting your arrival back in the virtual room.

Online vs on-land

The beauty of a live casino, is that it perfectly captures the atmosphere, buzz, and fast-paced lifestyle that’s rare to find anywhere but a land-based casino. Whilst you don’t quite get the social element in the same way, being able to chat to a dealer through the live chat offers some kind of exciting interaction. On top of this, at an online casino, you can wear whatever you’d like, from your pyjamas to your trainers – neither of which are typically allowed at an on-land establishment. Online casinos offer a wider variety of games too – with slot games that just do not exist anywhere else, and themed live games that offer immersive adventures that are impossible to find at any brick-and-mortar casino!