What Is Laser Skin Tightening Treatment And Its Benefits?

30th October 2022

With age, the skin loses its tightness and stiffness and thus appears raw and like falling off. To combat this, people tend to look for skin-tightening methods. These methods are classified as surgical and non-surgical methods.

In deep knowledge, the non-surgical methods have better response from the receivers since it does not follow strict incisions and invasiveness. Our topic of interest is the skin laser treatment that lies in the non-surgical method’s bracket which is performed by the skin specialist clinic only.


What is Skin Laser Treatment?

Treating the skin can happen through various methods. These are divided into surgical and non-surgical methods. In the surgical methods, the incisions are made in and around the skin portion where the skin is to be tightened.

When you classify the surgical methods, you will be surprised to know the intensity of these methods. For example, one such method involves surgically removing a portion of the skin and then stitching the shortened or remaining ends to create a tight pattern of the skin.

On contrary, you find non-surgical methods that remove every sort of incision or at least limit them to minimal incisions. One such method non-surgical method is skin laser treatment where infrared laser technology is used to treat and tighten the skin.

When such processes give better results, it is hard to argue in the favor of surgical methods. Furthermore, these methods, the non-surgical ones, utilize the natural principle to treat skin loosening.


Primary Non-surgical Methodology to Treat the Skin 

Skin tightening and loosening happen and result due to collagen production. The lower the production, there will be no binding element to keep your skin tight. In contrast, there will be more tightness and firmness when collagen production and presence are good.

Hence, the primary methodology to treat skin loosening is treating and improving the collagen quantity within the skin.


Skin Laser Tightening Procedures 

Skin laser treatment procedures vary and differ based on how the laser energy will be utilized. Also, the laser incision has to be at different levels and through different degrees. In general, there are two basic methods of laser treating fallen or loose skin.

1.     Ablative Laser Treatment

Ablative laser treatment is a striking and hard-fought laser treatment procedure. In such a procedure, the laser incision penetrates the skin with such intensity that it destroys the collagen in most cases.

This prompts your body to reproduce collagen which gives a stiffer outlook to the skin.

2.     Non Ablative Laser Treatment

Next, we move to the counterpart for the ablative treatment procedure. In non-ablative laser treatment, your skin is not damaged through deep incisions such as the destruction of collagen.

At most, heat is inserted into the skin but not to destroy collagen production. In consequence, your body produces collagen by enhancing its growth.


Aftereffects (Possible) from Laser Treatment 

Skin laser treatments do not always result in a positive outcome. Sometimes, aftereffects do follow that result in disturbance of your skin’s surface. Apart from this, some basic side effects occur through surgical and invasive procedures.

Below is the list of side effects that result from this procedure.

  • Scarring
  • Erythema
  • Viral infections such as bacterial
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Milia
  • Acneiform eruptions
  • Ectropion


Benefits of Skin Laser Treatment 

The benefits are great and they help in normalizing your daily routine as it is right after the procedures. When you break down the positives, here are the top 5 picks.

o    No Downtime Required

Often skin related treatments require incisions that involve several precautions after the procedure.

Most of them require you to avoid specific work and carry on with most duties. In the case of laser treatment, you are free to go about your business as the procedure ends.

o    Painless

When there is no almost a minimal incision, there is nothing you need to worry about. Pain is not an element in this setup or procedure that is a major plus.

Also, when there is no incision, there will be no pain since nothing is entering physically into your body.

o    Enlightening your Skin

Skin laser treatment does not use regular methods of pharmaceutical products to enhance collagen production.

Rather the procedure uses heat to naturally stimulate your skin in producing more collagen. In essence, the procedure is enriching the natural production of collagen in your body.

o    Effects Last Longer

When there are surgical methods to treat skin, there is nothing as a time frame within which you will enjoy the results. It is because there happen incisions, removal of elements, and use of external products.

In contrast, when you use laser treatment, everything happens naturally and there is nothing but heat to prompt this natural growth of collagen.



Skin tightening is a vast procedure and method to treat the skin against loosening. With several options available, it is necessary to pick the brightest one. And we know of one as skin laser treatment, where no incisions happen, and collagen production happens through natural stimulation.