What Harmful Habits Do You Need To Stop Doing?

20th January 2023

Habits that seem completely harmless at first can easily become much more troublesome and cause real problems in our lives – and even do us harm. This doesn’t necessarily only mean physical harm (although physical harm is certainly part of the issue), but emotional and mental health problems as well. Plus of course, those habits won’t just cause us to suffer, but also those around us such as friends and family.


Starting over and adjusting to a different way of life that no longer has room for these harmful habits and actions is always an option, and now is the perfect time – it’s always the perfect time, in fact. Read on to find out what some of these harmful habits are and what you can do to stop them.


Stop Wasting Your Time 

Once a moment in your life has gone, you can’t get it back. So if you’re spending your time on unproductive tasks and activities that make you miserable, you’re effectively wasting your life. That might sound harsh, but life doesn’t have to be hard; and if it is, perhaps it’s time to identify what areas of your life don’t help you and don’t make you happy.


When you are wasting time in a job you hate or in a relationship that is no longer working, you are stopping yourself from moving on and achieving success. You might also pick up some other bad habits to help you cope, such as drinking too much, which could even lead to you needing Drink Driving Solicitors at some point.


Work out what you are wasting time on in life and put a plan in place to change it. This won’t be easy as change is always hard, but it will be worth it when you realise how much better your life can be.


Stop Collecting Clutter

Studies have shown that the more clutter you have in your home, the more uncomfortable you will be and that discomfort leads to stress and perhaps even depression. It might be a known feeling or it could be a subconscious one, but either way, having too much clutter around you will cause distractions, will make it hard to relax and will make you unhappy (even though we’re told through advertising that having more is a cure for unhappiness!).


As soon as you make the decision to declutter, you’ll start to feel better, and although it can be a monumental task, once you get started, you’ll feel great. A good way to go about decluttering is to have three boxes or bin bags in each room. One is for items to sell, one for donations and one for rubbish.


Stop Spending So Much Money

Not spending so much money might seem like a simple task, but once you are in the habit of doing so, it can be hard. We mentioned above how advertising makes it difficult not to buy items we don’t even need, and we are subject to this marketing all the time. However, if we can spend less and save more, life will be easier and you’ll feel happier – even with fewer parcels arriving on your doorstep.


Give yourself a monthly budget for ‘fun’ spending and put anything else you would have spent into a savings account. As you see the funds rising in there, you’ll be less likely to spend too much and save instead.