What Guitar Accessories Do I Need?

22nd June 2022

Are you someone who recently started playing the guitar? Do you want to know what extra accessories you need to learn, play and excel at the guitar? 

Well, one thing worth looking into when you play acoustic guitar is the extras that you can easily get for your instrument to enhance your guitar-playing experience.

Some are necessary things that players can’t manage without such as additional strings and a tuner. Others are items that can make your life simpler as you grow as a guitarist.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most popular guitar accessories. Some players will use everything on this list, while others single out just one or two based on their preferences.

Guitar Humidifier

Things like temperature and mugginess can enormously influence wood – and because guitars are made of wood, they can, in some cases, be harmed if the wood dries out.

This is particularly valid for acoustic guitars, as the delicate tonewoods they are made from can become distorted and broken under exceptionally poor conditions. One method for keeping the wood of your guitar looking great is to use a guitar humidifier.

These are cheap little gadgets that fit comfortably in your guitar case and work while your guitar rests. Guitar humidifiers are particularly significant in environments that get extremely dry during certain times of the year.


In the event that you are a beginner guitarist, you might struggle with barre chords. This is where your pointer finger fills in as the “nut” of the guitar fretboard, and your other fingers fret the remaining notes.

Barre chords can be baffling, troublesome, and even painful, so one strategy for getting around them is to use a capo. A capo holds down every one of the strings of your guitar at a specific fret, successfully moving the nut to where you need it and liberating your worrying hand to create almost any harmony you like.

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are a matter of some importance on our fundamental guitar accessories list as we generally need an extra set on the off chance that a string breaks.

Strings are referred to as ‘breakables’ as they don’t last forever and, in the long run, will need replacements as they can begin to become dull from wear and tear. This typically takes a couple of months, so it is a good idea to have a couple of extra strings handy.

Guitar Tuners 

A guitar tuner is perhaps the most fundamental guitar accessory we can possess as it does what its name suggests: makes sure that we stay in tune! This makes it a must-have.

There is a wide range of guitar tuner styles, with options for every kind of guitar out there.

Guitar Straps

Odds are we are not always going to be sitting down while playing the guitar – and this is where a reliable guitar strap becomes important. 

A decent and comfortable guitar strap is perhaps the most fundamental guitar accessory we can possess. You can pick between leather or cowhide guitar straps, faux leather straps, or cloth-made straps. There are countless styles and colours available to suit your taste.

Guitar Picks (Plectrums) 

Any guitarist knows that you can never have enough plectrums.

Better known as ‘picks’, these fundamental guitar extras come in many varieties, giving you a choice in design, shape, size, material and more.

Gig bags

The benefit of gig bags is that they are a relatively inexpensive way to help you transport your guitar. As an added perk, they are also versatile in that you could wear them like a backpack or across the body. 

These are ideally suited for the people who are continuously going to be with their guitar travelling between home and rehearsals or gigs. It is also a simple solution to protect your instrument from dust and dirt.


There you have it – a rundown of some of the most common and important accessories to accompany you and your guitar.

Purchasing these items will help you ensure that you get the most of your guitar sessions and improve and grow with ease.