What does the training to become a Formula 1 driver look like?

31st December 2023

Becoming a Formula 1 driver is a journey that’s as intense as the races themselves. Make today’s betting only on 1xBet and use this platform to wager on the best drivers of this discipline.

The training to become a Formula 1 driver is hardcore. They start young, often in karting. Think of karting as the minor leagues of racing. Many Formula 1 drivers started karting as kids, sometimes as young as 7 or 8 years old. It’s like the little league of racing, but with way faster speeds and more at stake. Punters can make today’s betting only on the 1xBet platform, and earn fantastic rewards when wagering on different motorsport categories.

Now, karting is where they learn the basics. 3 basic aspects that are learned here include:

  • handling a vehicle;
  • racing lines;
  • and overtaking.

But it’s not just about driving around a track. There’s a ton of technical stuff too. Drivers need to understand their machines, almost like they’re part of the car. They learn about engine mechanics, aerodynamics, and how to communicate with their team. It’s like being both a pilot and an engineer rolled into one.

Demanding physical training

Then there’s the physical training. Formula 1 drivers are insanely fit. The www.1xbet.ie/en/line/formula-1 website has wagers on the most prepared drivers of the discipline too.

They need to be. We’re talking about enduring forces up to 5 times their body weight during a race. That’s like having 4 or 5 people sitting on you while trying to drive super fast and make split-second decisions. They train like athletes, including cardio, strength and endurance. And speaking about athletes, at the 1xBet website you will be able to wager on the best of them too.

They also need to have lightning-fast reflexes. Reaction times for these drivers can be as low as 100 milliseconds. This is faster than the blink of an eye.

Being ready in other aspects

Mental training is just as important. Imagine driving at speeds over 200 mph, with 19 other cars around you, all jostling for position. You can start betting horse racing on 1xbet.ie/en/live/horse-racing, where similar things can also happen in events from this sport too.

The mental focus and cool-headedness needed are off the charts. Drivers often work with sports psychologists to sharpen their mental game, dealing with stress, decision-making under pressure, and staying focused for the entire race.

Simulators are a big part of training too. Modern Formula 1 teams use incredibly advanced simulators that mimic the real driving experience. The horse racing betting on 1xBet can also deliver an incredible experience, just like the one that Formula 1 drivers have.