Gail Rickett, The Water Whisperer, teaches non swimmer to swim 1/2 a mile in just three lessons!

Macy’s progress in just four hours was truely jaw-dropping read her story…..

Macy Philips was only 7 years old when she came to me recently and she could not swim even one meter doggy paddle before she started her course.  Macy was booked on a 4 hour VIP private course. When I met Macy I could see she was a confident happy lovely little girl and she very quickly sucked up like a sponge every little bit of information I gave her.  Macy didn’t miss a thing and managed to learn one full stroke from totally scratch in around 20 minutes.  From there Macy completed 1/4 of a mile distance swim, which also takes around 20 minutes to complete. All during her very first ever swimming lesson.

I thought that was a fantastic achievement however, she amazed us even more on her next couple of lessons.   Her parents were always at the poolside close so they could see and hear everything and gave her some wonderful words of encouragement as Macy took on bigger and bigger challenges.  By the end of Macy’s second lesson she had learnt a second stroke also from scratch and of course swam without any floatation aids.

Macy then had a break for a couple of days before her third lesson.  I had a conversation with Macy’s parents again to see if they were happy for her to swim the 1/2 a mile.  I felt she could do it with ease and have room for more.

With our hearts in our mouths as it’s a big challenge Macy took off and swam with a smile the full distance of 1/2 a mile without pause or aids on.  This achievement from Macy put her in first place in my lifetimes career of what a pupil achieved on only a four hour course.

You’d think that was it as most of the lesson was spent swimming the distance as did 20 minutes of her first lesson.  Therefore one could say Macy learnt all four strokes in three hours.  By her forth lesson Macy had learnt front crawl with side breathing, breaststroke, backstroke and even went on to butterfly!  She completed both the 1/4 of a mile and 1/2 mile too!

Her parents and myself were blown away by her amazing talent at learning everything in four hours.  Macy won two trophies also for her distance swims.

I made a video so you can see how well she can now swim from nothing in such a short time.

I have spaces all year round on my VIP 4 hour course the one that Macy joined, please do get in touch with me if you’d like your child to learn to swim fast and beautifully.  If school swimming is coming up and you are worried if your little one can not swim and they are frightened about it I have literally changed childrens lives as their popularity goes through the roof when other children see how great they are during school swimming. I have weekly after school classes, intense courses in groups and my new mums and baby (or dad) classes starting shortly.

Do give me a call so I can see how I can help you.  I adore my pupils and love seeing their amazing improvement, as my work changes and improves lives out of the swimming pool too.  Many of my parents tell me of the confidence they gain from me and it helps them in other areas of their lives.

I am on 07449135450  or do join me on facebook at ; I look forward to hearing from you.

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