WATCH | Hunt begins for Silent Night sprayer caught on camera

28th May 2019
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A graffiti artist who has been scrawling anti-bedshop messages across toilets in Southport has been caught on camera.

The elderly man was finally snapped by cctv cameras at Avenue night club in Southport after scrawling sweary messages on a toilet wall in a thinly veiled attack on a bed and mattress company.

He was finally caught on camera at the Scarisbrick Avenue nightclub after the same man was believed to have written an identical message on the toilet walls of the Southport Pier cafe.

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A heartless customer at Southport Pier has left the owners fuming after graffitiing all over the toilets with offensive slogans.

A witness told OTS News that the unknown person was said to be enjoying a live music performance at Southport Pier Pavilion when they became too drunk to comprehend and started to graffiti sweat laden phrases and graffiti all over the men’s and disabled toilets.

Thousands of pounds have just been spent on refurbishing the toilets and the owners are said to be furious that they have been defaced so quickly after reopening.