Warnings Over Temporary Vacation Breasts

13th January 2015

Report by: Elly Walker

There’s a new cosmetic procedure on the market nicknamed ‘vacation breasts’ and it’s been developed to give women bigger breasts for two to three weeks. Dr Norman Rowe, based in New York, created the 24 hour InstaBreast procedure so that women can boost their cup size for, as the name suggests, 24 hours only.

Now he wants to make the effects last for longer, so that women can have bigger breasts for special events and holidays (hence why it has been called ‘vacation breasts’). The procedure uses a saline injection to increase breast size, but top surgeons in the UK have spoken of their concerns about the procedure.

They warn that the vacation breasts could cause bruising, different sized breasts and puncturing of the lung. Dr Ash Mosahebi, who is the London Plastic Surgery Centre’s director of surgery, told the Daily Mail that: “…the main issue is the chance of getting infections and the chance of further complications… We know of what the results could be, but I can’t imagine people would know all the facts about the operation.”

Mr Nazar Kazzazi, the Medical Director of MYA, has also expressed his concerns:

“The risks of the procedure, especially infection and consequent damage to the breast, with other risks including rupturing the lung, bleeding and haematoma formation in the breast, and giving unequal/irregular breasts, from the process of introducing the needle and saline would greatly outweigh the benefit of the short-lasting breast enlargement.”

Surgeons are worried that the procedure is untested and has not yet been approved by the FDA. Dr Rowe has not released any information about the contents of his ‘saline solution’, saying only that it contains an additive already used for medical purposes.

The ‘vacation breasts’ procedure is not yet available, although Dr Rowe is already performing his InstaBreast procedure on patients in Manhattan. The injections take 20 minutes and Dr Rowe says so far the only side effect has been bruising.

The American surgeon says that his procedure is cheap compared to traditional breast augmentation surgery and that ‘vacation breasts’ are likely to be even cheaper, because they’ll be so popular. Dr Rowe also thinks his procedure could be used on men:

“It could be used for more than breasts,” the surgeon said, “Men might want to use it for pec or calf implants.”

It might seem like a great idea to effectively ‘test drive’ a pair of bigger boobs and know that they will deflate again if you don’t like them, but there could be serious side effects and if the procedure is not FDA-approved, it could be dangerous.

British surgeons are worried that, as the saline is absorbed into the tissue, one breast could end up being larger than the other one – for an unpredictable length of time. There could also be swelling, severe bruising, soreness and there is a risk of puncturing the lungs.

More research is definitely needed before Dr Rowe starts injecting patients with ‘vacation breasts’, or men and their muscles.

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