WARNING | Bank Fraud phone calls

12th May 2018

Merseyside Police has received a number of reports from people who have been contacted over the phone by someone fraudulently claiming to be police, involved in an investigation into suspected staff within their bank, and told their money is no longer safe.

Victims are then persuaded to attend the bank, coached on what to say should bank staff question them and told to withdraw or transfer large amounts of money.

Detective Constable James Wady said: “I want all residents to know that this is a scam, a police force would never contact a member of the public and ask them to transfer or withdraw any money.

“Our advice should anyone receive such a call, is not to give out any personal data and certainly do not transfer or withdraw any money – contact your bank and report it to Action Fraud.”

Detectives are investigating two incidents in Merseyside where victims have gone into their branches asking to withdraw large sums of cash. It is only thanks to the well trained bank staff who have identified this as potential fraud and have prevented the loss. Detectives are however investigating a third incident, where a large sum of money was transferred.

The police, alongside partners, are doing all they can to stop these incidents of fraud and to identify the offenders, unfortunately the suspects are often out of the UK and in countries where we are unable to pursue them.

Detectives would urge anyone who wishes to report a fraud or has any further details on these incident to contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.