Photo: Lizzie and Pradeep

Visa keeps Southport woman apart from Indian partner

A Southport woman wants to raise awareness after as she is now kept apart from partner Pradeep due to unachievable visa financial requirements for him to settle in the uk.

Lizzie Swift said: “I have been living in Southport nearly all my life and 5 years ago I decided to travel and work on the cruise lines where I met my partner Pradeep from my first day.

“He is from India and we like many other international long distance couple are struggling with these visa financial requirements for him to settle in the uk in my home”.

“It’s probably the hardest time in our lives to be separated from each other when we have spent 5 years living and working with one another travelling the world – a complete romantic tale. We just want more than anything to be together again”.

“I have recently come across a petition for a joint spouse visa to be introduced so that the financial threshold can be split between both of us and not just for the uk citizen”.

“The bar has been raised so high that it has split many couples apart and a lot of them have children. this petition needs 100,000 signatures for it to be debated in parliament”.

“I am fighting for my right to marriage and to live with my family in my own country and not be pushed out for such ridiculous rules as the government has made it near impossible for many of us.

“He is my best friend and I don’t want to be pushed out of my own country to be with my partner”


Introduce joint sponsorship for partner settlement visas

Non-EU citizens wishing to live with their fiancé or spouse in the UK must have their application sponsored by their partner alone. If their partner does not meet the financial requirement, the couple cannot live together in the UK. Joint sponsorship would allow this responsibility to be shared

Joint sponsorship, as applied in other countries (such as the USA), allows a second individual to accept legal responsibility for supporting the visa applicant throughout the duration of their visa.

Such a system would provide couples those who are unable to meet the strict financial requirements of sponsorship a way to live together in the UK, without the additional risk to the taxpayer that reducing the financial requirement may have.

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