Virtual number. Why is English number one of the best options?

25th October 2022

UK virtual phone numbers are needed to receive free SMS online, more details are here: You can also use virtual numbers to register or verify any services such as Telegram, Facebook, Google, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and more…

Virtual phone number – what is it?

A virtual number is a phone number that works over the Internet. It can be used remotely, no wires and expensive equipment are needed, no need to connect to a base station, all you need is a stable Internet connection. But you can receive calls to your number without the Internet using call forwarding.


A virtual phone number will allow you to open a business anywhere in the world, your customers will be able to call multi-channel virtual numbers. You, in turn, will be able to receive and make calls using many useful features – call recording, integration of phone calls into the CRM system, voice menu, working hours, recognition and analytics of conversations.


Virtual English SMS number is one of the most convenient means of communication that will allow the subscriber to receive and send text messages from anywhere in the world. Thanks to this service, the user does not have to worry about additional equipment or connecting SIM cards, in addition, the number will be available even if he moves to another country. Such possibilities of a virtual mobile phone are explained by the principle of its operation. So, the British SMS number works by forwarding incoming messages to an email address or any mobile phone. Thus, by connecting the virtual number of England, the subscriber will be able to choose the most convenient device for receiving SMS and send messages at a lower price.

The benefits of an English number for receiving and sending SMS

  • the number of incoming messages is not limited by the memory of the mobile phone;
  • ease of use, which allows the subscriber to change the virtual phone forwarding data in any convenient direction;
  • sending messages via the Internet, etc. It is worth noting that the English mobile SMS number is designed to receive notifications from both British operators and from abroad.

Where to buy virtual numbers

It is clear that it is impossible to get individual numbers that were not used for registration in certain groups on a free basis, or at least very problematic. Therefore, the only appropriate way can be considered the acquisition of a virtual number on certain sites.


It is worth highlighting the HotTelecom website, which provides a large number of virtual numbers at a low cost. Using the resource, you can immediately purchase a large number of virtual numbers, which you can later use to develop an account in various social networks, and promote the brand and brand products in them.


There are categories of virtual numbers on the site, that is, for each specific site, you can purchase a specific virtual number. This division is useful when it comes to creating accounts in large numbers on different social networks.