VIP visit ahead of ‘End PJ Paralysis’ event

8th July 2019

Professor Brian Dolan, a globally renowned nurse championing a revolution in nursing, just visited Southport and Ormskirk hospital NHS Trust to kick off his ‘End PJ Paralysis’ event (10-12 July). Professor Dolan spoke to teams at both hospitals about the importance of focusing on patient’s time.

He explains: “Older patients could be in the final 1000 days of their lives, so we must always focus on making sure we do not waste a moment of this. Prolonged bed rest can be damaging and unhelpful, which is why we want patients to think about ditching the PJs, and for all hospital teams to stay focused on getting people home to enjoy their lives.”

Juliette Cosgrove, director of nursing, midwifery and therapies explains: “Research shows that for people over the age of 80, every 10 days of bed rest is equal to 10 years of muscle ageing.  Hospital stays also increase confusion and can make dementia worse. So it is vital to get people up, dressed and moving as soon as possible.  Ending ‘PJ Paralysis’ is vital, and it requires a shift in thinking about what a hospital stay involves.

“Families and friends can help by bringing clothes in for elderly patients and encouraging them to keep moving. This really speeds up recovery and makes it more likely that people can return to their own homes, which is what many people want when they are in their later years.”

This Thursday (11 July), nursing teams will come to work in their PJs and encourage patients to get up and dressed. Follow the global celebrations at #endPJparalysis.

The Trust has produced a leaflet about how to prepare yourself or your relatives for coming home after a hospital stay, and this can be viewed on our website at