Michael Quinn (25) broke his girlfriend’s fingers with a baseball bat and cheekbone by elbowing her in the face.

Violent Michael Quinn who demanded his girlfiend call him Dominus, after the slavemaster in Spartacus, was jailed today jailed for five years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Quinn even forced his victim to accompany him to the toilet on her hands and knees.

“He would push her around, twist her arm and spit on her.”

David Watson, prosecuting, said Michael Quinn, waged a “prolonged period of sustained domestic abuse” from 2012 to early 2015.

He said from the outset Michael Quinn “sought to exercise control” and “destroy her self esteem”, and said she was not good enough to be his girlfriend.

“You said you made her call you Dominus because you were in charge. Perhaps you had been. You no longer are.”

Judge Hatton made an indefinite restraining order to protect his victim and was jailed for five years.


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