A male helped himself to the belongings of Sefton street residents car on Sunday morning 7.10am (21/12/14)

The car was parked in the driveway when I man walked up and checked that the car was unlocked.

The man proceeded to search through the car and took a high valued dewalt drill.

The man left without taking a ‘Sat Nav’ which was in the glove compartment at the time.

At the present time we do not know if the man was working alone or part of a gang.

Merseyside police have reported having similar incidents in recent weeks.

With Christmas fast approaching, this should warn drivers to be vigilant against thieves seeking to ruin the season by stealing items from their cars.

Theft of items including presents from cars is a particularly prevalent during the winter months.

During November and December last year 1,060 reports of items having been stolen from vehicles were received by the force.


The majority of these thefts were from insecure vehicles, with the offenders simply taking anything that was readily to hand.

Basic procedures such as locking your car and, if you are unable to take them with you, leaving items including presents in the boot or under the front seat rather than on the seats will reduce the risk of being targeted by opportunistic criminals.

Despite previous police warnings, items such as mobile phones, wallets, handbags, laptops, cameras, I-pods and even loose change are regularly reported stolen from cars.

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