For the last 50 years John Nolan THE ANTIQUES MAN of Southport have traveled through Europe and North America looking for the most interesting and unusual antiques.

On his last trip that started off in Chicago and ended up in Atlanta he was taken back when he viewed Mr Arthur Greenberg collection, a very respected collector in the South of the USA. One thing that was most interesting in the collection was the 6 man clock, originally designed and made by Gordon Bradt who holds over 20 patents. Mr Greenberg joked when he told me “the clock slowed down on a Friday night, but by the time 8am came around on Monday morning the clock was back on time.”

Nolan said: “I was so lucky to acquire the 6 men clock and bring it back to Southport UK. To my knowledge this is the first time the clock has been seen on British soil. So when asked by the BBC 2 to appear on the Antique Road Trip for the 4th time. The show was televised at 4-30 pm 7th Jan 2015, I included the clock in my showroom window display. Keen eyed Phillip Serrell the auctioneer and expert for the day instantly asked about the clock. The price was out of his guide line as he only had a few hundred pounds to spend.”

The 6 man skeleton clock was purchased directly from the designer in the mid 1970’s and is now about 40 years old. Reproductions can be bought on the internet for as much as $1,600 and is also made in plastic.

This original brass 6 man skeleton clock designed and made by the Gordon Bradt is nearly half way there to becoming an antique. A true investment for the future.

OTS News was also at the Antique Road Show 38th series in Liverpool Roman Catholic Cathedral early in the year. On this occasion John Nolan ‘theantiquesman’ appears with the deeds to the Liverpool waterfront, a World Heritage Site. This show will be aired in the coming months.

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