Otsnews was today invited to the Ainsdale & Birkdale Sandhills to meet the Sefton Coast and Countryside Service team (Friday 5th December 2014).

Today the team was hard at work carrying out scheduled controlled fires as part of the winter maintenance program.


The Ainsdale & Birkdale Sandhills Local Nature Reserve includes the stunning Ainsdale hills, Birkdale hills, Frontals, Sands Lake, Velvet Trail and Birkdale Beach.

This local Nature Reserve is one of the largest areas of wild dunes (268 hectares) left in Britain and is managed by Sefton Coast and Countryside Service.

It’s typical of most sand dune systems with high dune ridges and dune valleys containing slacks; wet hollows with many unusual plants and animals such as orchids and the scarce Natterjack Toad.

The reserve is particularly rich in plant life and during the summer, damp slacks are carpeted with flowers including Early-marsh Orchid, Marsh Helleborine and Grass of Parnassus. In drier areas the Round-leaved Winter-green and nationally rare Dune Helleborine can be found.


Please take note of beach safety flags and signage if you are planning a trip to the sandhills

Sefton Council Byelaws Apply

Well done to the Sefton Coast and Countryside Service team, such a hard working team!

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