A video has been leaked of a man who appears to be drunk attempting to vandalise a election sign.

The footage, which shows a man in a blue t-shirt and jeans stumbling along the street before apparently attempting to pull down and punch a sign bearing the message ‘John Pugh – Liberal Democrats’ before stumbling off again.

Lib Dem councillor, Tony Dawson says the issue is widespread amongst other parties in Southport, “It’s been publicised a lot recently that another party has had this happen to their signs.

ots-southport-ukip signs lordstPhoto: Damaged UKip boards, Lord Street West.

“The footage just shows that it doesn’t happen to one party.

“Thankfully, largely most people behave properly and this sort of thing is done by a minority.”

“I certainly don’t think it’s staged. We were just sent it from YouTube by a member of the public. Quite why the man is being filmed I don’t know but it’s not come from ourselves.

“As far as I know we haven’t informed the police, it is low down on our list of priorities really at the moment.”

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