Vet warning after multiple cats shot by air rifle in Southport

The rifle pellets can cause serious injury
27th March 2024

OTS News has been contacted by a veterinary nurse in Southport to say they have treated a number of cats with air rifle wounds over the last few days.

Police are said to be looking into the matter after vets reported that at least three cats have been shot at with air rifles in the High Park area of Southport.

OTS News understands that vets have seen a distinct increase in the number of cats being seen with wounds from air rifle type weapons.

The incidents have been reported to the police who are now understood to be investigating.

Pet owners are being urged to remain extra cautious and vigilant with their cats and dogs.

An air rifle bullet can cause significant pain and injury to both animals and humans and anyone caught committing these acts can be prosecuted.

Anyone with any information on these incidents are asked to call 101 immediately.