Vagrants dishonour war dead by turning memorial into toilet

Vagrants are setting up camp once again in the war memorial in Southport.

Sheets, empty beer cans and dirty duvets have been tucked away in the corner of the war memorial, while urine stains have soaked into the stonework.

The area is littered with empty and crushed cans of stale special brew.

Whilst there are places for the rough sleepers to go of a night, local good Samaritans have written into OTS News to vent their frustration at the lack of interest in those sleeping rough to find support.

As it says inscribed in the stonework “Tell Britain Ye Who Mark This Monument”

The Monument was built in 1923, following a four year fundraising campaign, which raised £30,000 for its construction. It is built of Portland stone and features the work of sculptor Herbert Tyson Smith (1883-1972). Civic leaders at the time said the aim of The Monument was to show “the pride in which Southport held its fighting men.”