Urgent investigation is taking place after a Southport councillor has pointed out the shocking state of the front of Southport Theatre & Convention Centre building. Water is overflowing from the main roof, which is heavily-staining the rendering with green streaks. Apparently, water is also seeping into the window frames below.

Councillor Dawson read about the story on Southport’s number 1 news media website OTS News.co.uk on Saturday 24th November and sprung into action immediately!

Southport Councillor Tony Dawson is concerned that if this is allowed to continue through the winter, the water might freeze and damage the external rendering. It is also obvious that pigeons have entered the upper parts of the building. He has asked the Deputy Chief Executive Bill Millburn to investigate.

Management of the Centre is contracted out to the Ambassador Theatre Group who are coming to the end of their contract.

“I do hope that this issue does not stop appropriate measure being taken” says Councillor Dawson. “The rendering is has a resin ‘render’ finish. so is less likely to suffer from the frost damage that sand/cement based renders are. But it is still unsightly when we are trying to attract new business to bring their conferences here. And if pigeons are getting in in any number they can cause terrible damage if left unchecked.”

Sefton Council officers have promised to contact ATG to see if they can be persuaded to act within a reasonable time.

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