Photo: Police arrest a male, Sussex Road, Southport(5.45pm)

UPDATE: New tenants moving into house near to Sussex Road discover man hidden in cupboard and his girl friend under a pile of washing.

OTSnews spoke with the girl involved that wishes to remain anonymous, she said: “What happened was my sister was moving into a new house so we got the keys this morning(Friday 4), she went around 5:30pm to show her family and 6-year-old son around.

“My nephew(6) went to open a cupboard upstairs with his mum, when the cupboard was opened a man was hiding in their so my mum slammed the door shut and locked it and we all ran out and called 999.

“The man then came out and we couldn’t understand how he got out the cupboard, they arrested him and I went back inside with the police officer to show him the cupboard and how he couldn’t have possibly got out, I then suggested someone else was in here and he lifted up a pile of washing and there was a woman hid underneath there.

“They were both previous tenants of the property who clearly didn’t want to leave.

“It was a scary experience especially as my 6-year-old nephew was involved, my other sister was pregnant and it was 4 girls and a 6-year-old, it was not funny in the slightest.sussex-road-ots-news-southport

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