UPDATE: Anti Social Behaviour Southport Town Centre

3rd November 2016

Anti Social Behaviour Southport Town Centre

Over recent months, neighbourhood officers have continued to collect evidence to identify the key individuals responsible for anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the Southport town centre and surrounding areas. This has led to us bringing the first of a number of people into the police station in order to address the issues.

Following specific reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) where they have been identified, 2 teenaged boys attended Southport Police Station with their parents on Friday 28th October. Both boys signed Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC’s) agreeing to certain conditions, relative to incidents they have been involved in. If the boys breach these conditions this will escalate to a Civil Injunction, carrying a power of arrest if the conditions are breached. This process will continue in the coming weeks, for other individuals identified as responsible for anti-social behaviour in the town centre and other areas of the town.

In addition to this work, two teenage boys were arrested on the evening of the 1st November, in connection with an assault on another teenaged boy, which took place in the town centre. Later the same night, another two teenaged boys were arrested on suspicion of burglary in Birkdale. They were also found to be in posession of cannabis at the same time, and were further arrested for that offence as well.

The ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR CONTRACT process will continue, with the aim of addressing ASB before individuals become part of the criminal justice system. Where individuals are responsible for crime and evidence is available, positive action will be taken.


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